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Design & UX / Systems Integration / Web App

About Flinn Scientific

Flinn Online ChemventoryTM is a robust, online upgrade to the original Flinn ChemventoryTM single-user desktop chemical inventory management offering from Flinn Scientific. Flinn, a leading supplier of scientific chemicals and equipment to high school teachers, pioneered a focus on safety in providing safely packaged chemicals, free safety training and unique safety products.


The goal for this project was to build an online, more robust app version of Flinn’s legacy desktop-only Chemventory program, which was limited to tracking chemical inventory and printing labels to a single computer and single user.

  • Internet accessible.
  • Multiple users with various levels of security.
  • Backward-compatible with the original Chemventory.
  • E-commerce functionality for ordering and reordering.


Our challenges were in converting a long-used, familiar inventory management product into a superior Internet-accessible version that could be easily embraced by legacy users in both the United States and Canada. To that end, we focused on ease-of-use benefits, such as iPad app access, backward compatibility with the legacy program, daily data backups in the cloud, and automation of printing labels and reordering based on country of origin.


The web app we developed for Flinn Online Chementory brought increased flexibility and portability to high school chemistry teachers in charge of managing chemical inventory. Accessible from an iPad, teachers could update inventories direct from the storage room. Better, they could set up auto-reordering based on current inventory levels. Our solution also made it easy to manage inventories across multiple schools, with input from multiple, permissioned users. And, we made it easy to print safety-compliant labels for each chemical in stock with appropriate warnings.

  • Secure, cloud-based inventory data storage across multiple users and locations.
  • Secure, permission-based system for multiple users, including view-only so that local fire departments have visibility into the chemicals on site and their location.
  • Automatic label printing of more than 2,400 Flinn chemicals with industry standard Safety Data Sheets (SDS) information and chemical hazard standard GHS pictograms, hazard statements and signal words.
  • Auto-reordering and reordering notifications synched to current inventory.
  • Inventory data import/export to Microsoft Excel.
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Flinn Chemventory showed results that were beyond outstanding. The move to an online ordering system boosted chemical sales by a whopping 735% in the first year after migrating from the legacy disk-based inventory program. In addition, Flinn’s customer retention rate held at 78%.

Sales Increase

Tech Corner

  • E-commerce shopping cart.
  • Secure user registration and layered access.
  • Systems integration with legacy software and Microsoft Excel.

"We really enjoyed the process that Azavar has in their development. They have a sound technique, are detail-oriented and produce very good quality first time through. Azavar has been a true partner for Flinn Scientific."

Jason Dieckmann
Content Marketing Manager